Friday, April 26, 2013

3aros el sham - a new oriental Syrian experience in Cairo عروس الشام - مطعم سورى جديد فى القاهره

Last weekend my American friend told me about a new Syrian restaurant/cafe that just opened in Cairo and he insisted i should try it.
I followed my friend's advice and we went there Thursday's evening, the place looked normal from the outside and it was nothing too fancy.
When we ordered the food we waited for a long time to get our meal which was annoying and gave a bad impression about the place and that's when we started blaming my friend but then we got the food and our impression changed.
The food was represents the Syrian cuisine the best representation possible in Cairo and the prices were not expensive at all....4 people were eating and each paid around 25 EGP in the end.
worth mentioning as well is the amazing service...apart from taking a long time to prepare the food, the staff were really helpful, cheerful and so polite and they had this welcoming smile on their faces the whole time we were wasn't only the fake smile you get in any other restaurant, it was a sincere smile that showed how much these people like their job and how much they like the guests to be there.

After we were done with the food we decided to sit downstairs to smoke some shisha and have some tea and that was a good decision because outside there was a man playing all the oriental classics from Umm Kulthum and Abdel Halim Hafez on Oud.
People were singing along and the atmosphere was amazing just sitting down chilling with the oriental traditional music, the nice breeze of Cairo, shisha and tea.

I will definitely go back to othis place because the whole experience was different and original in a way that made me decide to write about that place and recommend it to everyone i know. 

Worth mentioning that the singer with the Oud plays on Saturdays  Mondays and Thursdays from  8 or 8:30 pm till 12:00 am

The restaurant is behind Bank Masr in Falaki square near Tahrir square.

Find details on foursquare here:


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