Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AIESEC Egypt - My bad experience with AIESEC Cairo University's local committee

Not the AIESEC way at all

How i got to know AIESEC
I was introduced to AIESEC through one of my friends who went on an internship with them and during that time i was starting to believe that it's time for me to start having some international experience and to travel abroad to see a different culture through a big organization that has many followers across the world.So i signed up with AIESEC through my LC (local committee) which was the one in Cairo university in June 2011, they asked me to pay EP fees (exchange participant) to be able to get my profile on myaiesec.net and start the matching process. They explained that these fees are used to fund housing for the interns that will come to Egypt and that they don't make any kind of profit. I paid the fees which back then were 1000 EGP and i got matched to the LC in Kiev, Ukraine

My internship in Ukraine

My trip in Ukraine with AIESEC was amazing and the local committee in Kiev treated me very well ensuring that i enjoyed my stay there and ensuring i experienced the Ukrainian culture in the best way, then they asked me to stay for two more internships because they knew i liked it there and because i was doing a good job so i contacted AIESEC Cairo university and i informed them about what i intend to do. They agreed and advised me to send another 2000 EGP for two more internships.

How the conflict started
I sent the money with my brother, we signed the contracts online and got everything ready and that's when i was informed by AIESEC Kiev that they canceled one of the programs so i was only needed for 1 internship and not 2 which was frustrating but it didn't really matter since i was planning to go somewhere else and i knew i already paid for the extra membership and that i have this on my record to use anytime.
I worked with AIESEC Kiev on the new program they had and then went back to Cairo where i was surprised to find that they removed me from their system and they moved my profile to AIESEC 6th of October LC. I started to contact the person i was in touch with (Aly Adel) and he referred me to AIESEC 6th of October. I contacted them and they said they don't know anything about me. It took about 6 months of 2 sided correspondence via E-mails and phone calls and eventually we got back square one where they don't believe i paid 1000 extra although i sent the contract and the Email conversations i had with Aly as an evidence. 

Getting in touch with AIESEC Egypt office
at this point i was fed up and i decided to take this issue higher up in the hierarchy so i contacted AIESEC Egypt and to be honest i was expecting a lot and i asked for a refund since this was the fault of AIESEC and not me. they denied my request and offered to put me back on the system and i decided not to complicate the issue so I agreed to just get my form back on the system and that's when i was asked to pay an extra 500 EGP because the prices changed. I flipped out informing them that it wasn't my fault in the first place that it took them this long to fix a simple problem and that's when they ignored me completely and informed me that i need to go to the office to discuss with them. 
By this time i was already working in China so i explained my situation informing them how i can't physically come to their office in Maadi and offered to arrange for a skype meeting instead. at this point i was in touch with two people from AIESEC Egypt Omar Younes who was the national director of Outgoing Community Development Program 2012-2013 and Tarek Ashraf Attia who was a member committee president. 
Since i offered the skype meeting i haven't heard back from any of them since the 20th of January 2013.
Needles to mention the sort of treatment i received and the unprofessional replies to my e-mails but I could understand that considering that AIESEC is completely run by students who don't really do anything but party and travel (no generalizations here...some of them are really professional)

Getting in touch with AIESEC international
 Again i decided to take my issue one step higher in the hierarchy and I tried to contact AIESEC international through Facebook, Twitter and Email but never received a reply for any of my complaints. My experience with AIESEC was terrible and it made me forget about the good times I had in Ukraine or anything else good I experienced with them. To be frank the 1000 EGP they owe me is not that much but it's all about the way I got treated and their failure to sort out a simple issue I had....most probably this happened with others as well and they decided to forget about it but i just can't.  I hope at some point i will get my money back or even my form will be uploaded again and if not i don't care, because after all i experienced with that big international organization I lost any kind of respect and sympathy towards them.

If you had a similar experience tell me your story or comment here...maybe we can do something about it.

{Update} 02/05/2013 - I received comments on my Google+ profile from 2 AIESECers who are willing to sit down and talk to try to sort out my issue...I'm glad some people care. I will post updates here.

{Update} 07/05/2013 - I met yesterday with AIESEC Cairo university LC president Abdelrahman Ayman who was very professional and respectful, although it's not his fault this issue happened in the first place and he had no hand in it, he took ownership of my problem and we discussed it...I'm waiting for a reply from him to go take a refund.

{Update} 16/05/2013 - According to Abdelrahman's instructions I called Mostafa Turkey and we agreed to meet in AIESEC Cairo university's office in Agouza....i met with Mostafa and he's very professional as well and he was apologizing all the same although it wasn't his or Abdelrahman's fault and they refunded me the full amount....at this point i realized that there are people who care and are responsible enough not even to right their own wrongs but to right the wrongs of others.....they solved a problem that took more than 1 year in only 10 days....I'm very thankful and grateful for both of them because i know without them i would have never gotten anything done.



  1. hello! I am very happy for your success. Clearly it was totally unfair everything you've lived and really is a shame that is not settled soon, but I like very much to know that my fellow aiesec has been kind of help in this problem. also makes me happy to know I did not choose to be wrong with that organization and today occupy a place as a member of aiesec in incoming exchanges and I like the kids who come here to Argentina aires good read at a hard time adapting we try to always accompany and be alert to their needs. thank you very much for your words! you're very welcome Argentina, Buenos Aires to feel that here also leave your footprint! Greetings.

    By: veronica.colve AIESEC-Argentina

  2. hello
    i have the most terrible experience with aiesec LC alexanderia as they don't give a shit with people
    only wt they care about the money but they aren't responsible for any member or participant there
    i traveled to india with alesec Alexandrian and as usual i faced many problems there and when i talked with aiesecers in my home town they didn't even reply can you imagine and thnks god i found a solution with my friends
    then when i came to egypt i asked them for 20 times te be a member they always promise you with some thing but finally they don't do any thing
    when i make a complain on their FC site they banned me !!
    can't imagine
    but any way they are the worst LC you can ever deal with
    and i wrote only a few lines for the other people so asn't to face the same problems

  3. I know how it feels.
    I was an EP with AIESEC in Cairo University as well last year.
    Glad to know they solved your problem. CU is one of the best :)

    AIESEC in Mumbai

  4. Hi!
    Glad to hear they solved your problem, I hope that after all you did enjoy your staying in Ukraine and you continue travel with AIESEC again, maybe with some other LC if possible.
    Good read!

    Kristina (kristina.ivosevic@aiesec.net)
    OGX Team Member
    LC Varaždin
    AIESEC Croatia

  5. I'm proud of you that you've solved the problem:).
    Maybe you should visit us, Poland -we're the neighbours of Ukraine but our culture is different. You'll enjoy it:)

    Paulina from Wrocław UE LC in Poland :))

  6. i went to vietnam,ho chi minh as i was matched with aiesec rmit,and when i arrived they droped me at the hostel and forgot me for my entire duration there.i faced many difficulties and we had no activities(eg cultural day,etc) as mentioned earlier and had to teach english for only three days a week and other times i was so bored as i was the only ep on my GCPD.aisec rmit sucks.i went their from ranchi,india (BIT MESRA)and i wish they return my money.

  7. I had an horrible experience too with AIESEC, and not as a student that goes on internship but as a member of the team and I can confirm the lack of professionalism in this organization

  8. I had an horrible experience too with AIESEC, and not as a student that goes on internship but as a member of the team and I can confirm the lack of professionalism in this organization

    1. Thank you for the reply, obviously we're not the only ones lok