Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lenovo P770 - Hands on

Lenovo P770

This is a good budget Chinese phone which is available in most of the shops in China
The specifications are pretty decent compared to its price
I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants to have the Android experience without having to pay a fortune for a phone (a Samsung or a Motorola)
The main problem i found with most of the Chinese phones in the market is that they don't have the play store and it can't be installed except by changing the ROM completely which will be a big deal if you get a phone that's not available outside of China and if you are not familiar with the basics of flashing ROMS and rooting. (refer to XDA-developers website if you want to learn)
Another issue is the bloatware preloaded into the device which contains a lot of Chinese apps that don't prove useful for non-Chinese.
However with a price like that (1399.00) I would definitely go for it*

*This price was found on Taobao the Chinese online shopping website, you can check the link below:



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