Friday, April 26, 2013

A reliable free proxy service to use against the Chinese GFW - VPN for China

Because i believe in freedom and i'm all against censorship i decided to start searching for free VPN services or proxy servers to use while in China so i can still be in touch with what's going on in the world 
It's just frustrating to not be able to check Facebook and to lose my connections with my friends back home.
I have to agree that renren for example is a huge website that might be as powerful as Facebook but for me as an expat living in China it's useless as can be.
it's not really about Facebook or YouTube or twitter or any of these's a matter of principal that i can't be free to access the information i want or download the content i want when i want 
this frustration led me to start searching for solutions to be able to surpass the censorship

as far as i know it is not illegal and i have never seen anyone persecuted for using a proxy but you never know.

so I came across this VPN program on one of the Chinese forums, it's really fast and reliable and i decided to share it here for all the people suffering with China's great firewall and it's censorship.

It doesn't really require a lot of effort to set up and it's completely free of charge 
The VPN program is all in Chinese but it's as easy as clicking a button to connect and the same one to disconnect again.
I tried it on windows 8 but i get certification errors on the browser but with any other previous version of Windows it works flawlessly 
I've included in the folder .Net framework because you need to install it before this VPN can run
There are also some instructions but they are all in Chinese.

This proxy server will enable you to access all the blocked sites in China like Facebook, YouTube  Twitter and blogs.

You can download the program from the link below

If you require any assistance setting it up please let me know and i will guide you.
Also if you know of any other VPN services that are free you can comment here so people behind the great firewall of China can use it.



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