Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Google Adsense - How I managed to make my first big fat check from Adsense on my blogs?

Google Adsense

Well the answer is that I never did because since I started using Adsense from the biggest company on the internet (Google) I've had nothing but waste of time and being dragged from one page to another without finding solutions and not to mention the lack of support I received from Google after trying to call them and filling out forms and using their forums and everything you can suggest and think of before i finally gave up.

Don't get me wrong here, I still love Google with all their products and services. They are all awesome and useful tools that enhanced the lives of the internet nation but when it comes to Adsense i don't think they actually put enough thought and effort in a tool that is supposed to make them and the publishers money.

I had some problems installing Adsense because of a technical issue that they have on the sign up page which is stuck all the time on my old blog which was deleted long time ago....i tried to change it to my new blog but failed many times....anyway i tried to contact Google and they said they don't support Adsense and that i need to go to the online help center which I did and after wasting a good 5 hours reading and going through the support forums and trying different things the result was me giving up because none of the cases mentioned resembled my case. I also tried their Google+ page and their Twitter but in vain.

That's when i decided to look for alternatives for Adsense. Now i will not be listing alternatives to Google's Adsense here because a simple search on Google will bring up thousands of blogs and websites that list other affiliate programs and can find some of these on the following blogs:

However what i wanted to point out in the first place is that Google should pay more attention to Adsense and provide some channel of support if they need to keep the publishers working with them.

It takes a lot to provide a service like Adsense but i guess it takes so much more to keep it running.



  1. wenas
    me siento identificada con tu caso porque a mi me sucedio lo mismo lo unico que a mi me lo aprobaron este viernes yo toda contenta y esperando que me hicieran un pequeño ingreso para constatar mi cuenta bancaria me aprobaron la cuenta me mandaron un correo de bienvenida y hoy lunes me dicen tras revisar de nuevo su cuenta no se la podemos aprobar por contenido insuficiente en su blog cosa que me extraña porque tiene bastante contenido asi que aqui estoy metiendo mas contenido y gastando mi ultimo cartucho.