Sunday, May 19, 2013

Layover in airports - Tips on how to survive a long layover when the airline doesn't provide a hotel?

Airport Doha Qatar DIA

I'm now in Doha International Airport in Qatar for a 12 hour layover before i reach my final destination.
I thought i will be offered a hotel room or at lease to enter the airport lounge and have a meal but unfortunately the class i booked on doesn't give me this privilege, I'm not really complaining about Qatar Airways for having this situation because to be honest the flight was fucking cheap and they are one of the best airlines you can fly with.

so I came up with some ideas how to spend the time in the airport without getting dead bored and without spending a lot of cash.

1- Airports are expensive...period. That means you need to get as much snacks as you can so you don't have to hurt your wallet to buy something to eat.

2- If you have a laptop or a smartphone load it up with as much music and movies as you can because this will be the main thing you are doing.

3- Most of the international airports offer a free wi-fi service so use that to spend some time checking out your instagram feed or watching videos on YouTube or whatever else you fancy doing.

4- Take a walk in the airport and check out the prices of some of the goods in the duty free shops....this is handy sometimes when you can get yourself a good deal by buying something which is much cheaper than your destination or origin cities.

5- Books are also a good friend for spending a good 3 or 4 hours of your time.

6- Don't allow yourself to just sit down and look at people or to check out your watch every 2 minutes you'll be bored to hell.

7- I personally recommend not sleeping in the airport because we all know it will not be comfortable and you might wake up missing your phone or laptop or i prefer to exhaust myself in the airport and sleep during the flight time.

8- Talk to people....I find talking to people so interesting and I actually met some awesome people in airports and we are still keeping in touch till now.....think of it this way: if you are bored then there must be some people in the same situation who are bored as well so don't be shy and start up a small talk with the guy sitting next to you or in the smoking room or wherever but be sensitive not to keep talking to someone who has something to do.

9- Use the time to do business....if you are travelling for business then you probably have a lot of preparations to do and it will be a good idea to finish that while in the airport not doing anything.

10- Ask the airline staff to help you and make it their problem politely because most of the time they have the authority to make an exception and offer you a meal voucher or even give you a transit visa so keep asking but don't lose your temper and don't have high hopes.

This is the juice of what I've learned spending 12 hours in the airport....travelling is a great experience and I'm certain I learn more and more every time I fly.


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