Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prices in Egypt - Listing the change in the prices during the course of a 6 months period in Egypt

I recently came back to Cairo after staying in China for a period of 6 months from November 2012 until May 2013. When i arrived in Cairo I noticed the obvious increase in the prices of every item in the market.

The instability of the political situation in Egypt that has been going on for around 2 years now is definitely affecting the economy of the country and with the elected president (Mohamed Morsi) leading the government there's still no signs of economical reform on the contrary the signs are showing a huge economical deterioration evident in the way Egypt is now asking Qatar and other countries for help. 

In this post i will be listing the prices of a couple of the basic items before I left, the prices when I came back and the percent increase.

ItemPrice in November 2102Price in May 2013Price increasepercent increase
Pepsi bottle1.51.750.2516.67%
a cup of tea (in my fav. Baladi café)1.520.533.33%
a pack of Merit cigarettes1416214.29%
a pack of L&M cigarettes1011.51.515.00%
microbus fare (from Faysal to Tahrir)
a shirt from Newborn1001606060.00%
* All the prices mentioned above are in Egyptian pounds (EGP)

As long as our politicians are only concerned with gaining more powers and arresting TV presenters who criticize them or bloggers who oppose them and with all the shameful acts of the Muslim Brotherhood's regime, Egypt will continue to struggle with this unprecedented economic crisis that will surely put more and more citizens under the poverty line.

I will end this post with a photo of a bill for a Solitaire ring with a diamond called brilliant that was sold in Cairo in 1940...the total for the bill was 49.50 EGP.....comparing this to the prices today means that instead of buying a shirt i can buy 3 diamond rings.
Bill old Egypt price

I know that in years from now people will be looking at the prices from 2013 and thinking to themselves "these were the good old days".


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