Friday, June 28, 2013

Egypt in the hands of Islamists - Why it's essential to get rid of Morsi and his Extremist party

Egypt Morsi

I guess a lot of people are curious about the situation in Egypt at the moment and wondering why would Egyptians want to revolt against a democratically elected president who people chose.
I don't live in Egypt and to be frank i have no plans of ever going back but i still consider myself an Egyptian who understands the situation and who is up to date with news from Egypt.
Do you know that Egyptians wait in lines for more than 4 hours sometimes in the middle of night just to refuel their cars?
Do you know that Egyptians live without electricity for more than 2 hours everyday?
Do you know that people die in hospitals because of the blackouts everyday?
Do you know that Egypt suffers from huge problems with water even though we have the Nile river?
Do you know that Egyptians spend in traffic everyday about 2 or 3 hours on average?
Do you know that 17% of the country’s 82 million population suffer from food insecurity?
Do you know that Egypt suffered a 10-fold increase in armed
robberies from 2010 to 2012?
Do you know that Break-ins in private homes went from 7,368 in 2010 to 11,699 in 2012?
Do you know that the country is run by a stupid president? (if you speak arabic you'll understand what i mean through his speeches)
Do you know that some of our activists are still in prison only because they criticized Morsi?
Do you know that our journalists and talk show hosts are being dragged everyday to court under the accusation of insulting the president?
Do you  know that in a big conference Morsi was attending, some terrorist Sheikh from Morsi's supporters called Egyptian Shias "infidels" and "impures" which led to 4 Shias being brutally murdered and Morsi didn't even mind what was said (regarding some Egyptians that he swore to protect) or even mention this incident in his 2 and a half hour speech a day after?
Do you know that 90% of Egyptians (if not 100%) don't understand the message the president is trying to convey in his long boring speeches?

These are some of the reasons why Egyptians are revolting against Morsi on the 30th of june 2013.

After ousting Mubarak and the national democratic party the whole country was in chaos and the SCAF (superior council of armed forces) didn't make it any better and couldn't control the country and that's when a big gang with the name of the Muslim brotherhood decided it's their chance to turn Egypt into an extremist Muslim country by taking over and enforcing a dictatorship under the slogan of religion.
They deceived the people with their promises and manipulated them using external funding to vote for Morsi who was hiding under the mask of Islam.

Thankfully Egyptians are more aware now. That's why they will take to the streets on Sunday to ask for their right to drink clean water, their right to have electricity since they pay for it, their right to have fuel for their cars, their right to be told the truth instead of lies they got used to from Mubarak and his successor Morsi and his gang.

Egypt is at a crucial point in it's history that will decide how Egyptians live for decades after. 

I'm praying for Egypt and for my family, I'm praying for peace and prosperity in Egypt.


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