Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I live in China and i'm not ashamed to say it - Life in the middle kingdom

China life

Moving to live and work here in China is probably the best decision i ever took in my life.

Now some people might think i'm crazy or out of my mind for saying a statement like the one above but i understand it's due to the misconceptions people outside of China have about life here in the middle kingdom.
To be honest i also had similar misconceptions about China before actually arriving here. All the stories i heard from friends telling me how horrible the food is and how hard it is to find any western-style restaurant to eat in.....all the horror stories about how dirty the streets are and how unfriendly and impolite people are.

When i arrived here in China, I found that everything contradicts what i've heard before. Life here is easy, people love to work and they appreciate it so much to the point that one of my colleagues at work came to work and he looked a little bit tired, when i asked him about it he said he just came back from his hometown which is about a 32 hour train ride from here. now isn't that a country you want to live in?
No doubt China is progressing so fast and it will continue to do so because of how committed the people are to their jobs.

Streets are clean and organized and even if some of them aren't then i'm sure within a short period everything will be because here in China they pay attention to constructions and maintenance and they think about every minor small detail.

One example: when i arrived in Beijing international Airport (PEK) i was so thirsty and since my parents always advised me as a kid not to buy any overpriced stuff from airports i decided to just wait but to my surprise i found a cold water dispenser free of charge (which is not available in Cairo international airport for example).
Once i had quenched my thirst i started looking for a payphone to call my friend who was waiting for me and i hoped i would find one that uses credit cards. And again to my surprise i found a payphone where you can make free local calls.
What i'm trying to say is that these people thought of every small detail just to assure you don't have to suffer with anything you need.

Now about the food...I discovered that my friends are all idiots because Chinese cuisine is the most diversified and healthy cuisines in the whole world with so many options and foods to try i can't keep my saliva from running every time i feel hungry. one extra thing is the street food and tasty snacks available everywhere.

People are so friendly and nice although English speakers are not that many but still you can sense the hospitality and the friendliness of Chinese which is a product of their great history 

Living in China is definitely a perfect experience and i'm enjoying every moment of being here.

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