Monday, June 24, 2013

The myth of a tolerant Egypt - How Egypt became whatever it is today

Yesterday we heard the story of the 3 Shias who got murdered mercilessly by heartless monsters in Giza, Egypt only because they believe in a different form of Islam.

It saddens me to know that in order to be safe and feel protected i have to conform with some extremist group (the Muslim brotherhood) because if i have different religious opinions or political ones that means i'm an infidel and i deserve to be exterminated.

This makes me wonder how this happened? where did it all go wrong? isn't that Egypt that was so friendly and welcoming to tourists from every race and every religion? isn't that Egypt where Christians and Muslims and any other sect were living all together in harmony and peace?

Then WHAT THE FUCK happened?

Now the only answer that comes to my head is the revolution and having Morsi as a president....and it makes sense....a week ago Morsi was attending an event on TV where he invited some terrorists (yes i call them terrorists) to talk about the Syrian crisis...during this Event one of these terrorists said that Shias are infidels.....what i expected is Morsi replying or saying something or even frowning or any gesture but nothing....he was just having his smug smile on his stupid face as if this is ok.

As an Egyptian living abroad (especially coptic) I feel scared to go back to a country where it is ok to kill people based on their religious ideas....even though these ideas are very similar (for god's sake they were Muslims as well).

Say goodbye to Egypt that we once knew and the tourism we once had and any other sort of art or culture because from now on they want us all to look the same and think the same and act the same and if you are different then you should be murdered.

I don't actually have a point to prove or even a message....I just felt frustrated because of what happened and i needed to let it out.

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