Monday, June 24, 2013

Wai guo ren's behavior in China......The truth about how expats behave in China

Expats in China

I hesitated a lot before writing this post because i know i will get tons of negative comments and opinions disagreeing with me but to be honest someone has to say it.. the truth hurts sometimes but it can't be hidden for long.

It just annoys the shit out of me whenever i hear people complaining about China and Chinese people. i wish it was normal criticizing but it's not, it's more like disrespectful mockery for the culture.

Just some days ago while my friend was trying to read some characters in a bar (just a normal laowai trying to practice what he learned) another man sitting next to us commented saying "oh great, you can read what chicken feet can write" now keeping in mind that the bar owners are all Chinese who speak perfect English, I felt embarrassed.

this is how we are being so disrespectful and impolite to a culture that existed ages before others and this is why some Chinese people try to rip you off and try to treat you differently because we are trying as much as we can to distant ourselves from the Chinese culture and by doing this we make them feel that we are aliens who don't have feelings.

Now if you hate Chinese traditions that much and if you think that Chinese language is just a punch of non-sense then why the hell are you living, working or studying here. Just go back to your clean country where you can read the language and enjoy the absence of these you call "barbarians".

I'm just pissed because i hear my friends complaining all the time about how stupid and uncivilized Chinese people are while what expats do in this country when they are drunk (sometimes while sober) makes me embarrassed and annoyed i'm considered one of those wai guo ren.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for not respecting the traditions and habits of Chinese people. We say we are more tolerant and more open-minded but what we do doesn't really prove it.

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