Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egypt after Morsi & MB - Random Thoughts

Egypt celebrates

There's no doubt at all that every single Egyptian who cares about his country was on cloud 9 yesterday after the Egyptian army decided to side with the wishes of the people to get rid of one of the stupidest dictators in the history of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi.

At the same time we are still facing a big crisis with Islamists  who believe this was an attack on Islam the religion. Which requires us to start a campaign to educate them to understand that what happened was not an attack on Islam but rather an attack on a certain group of extremists who used the slogan of Islam to manipulate innocents and use them to gain more authority for an individual or a group.

We also still face a problem with people from the other side who think that any bearded man wearing a galabeya and hanging out at the mosque most of the time is a terrorist or has something to do with the Muslim brotherhood so he has to be captured and put in prison. Which is considered extremism as well.

However under the current circumstances and all the hate built up towards the Muslim brotherhood i would understand this ideology but we should try harder to make it clear that these people are not related to the Muslim brotherhood in anyway.

I still believe that even with the current political changes and even after we have decent elections it will take Egypt sometime to start recovering from all the protests and all the conflicts we had during the past 3 years.

I'm wishing the best for Egypt and for its people who were brave enough to take to the streets to protest and express their opinion.

The process of democracy is hard especially in Arab countries where democracy was absent for decades and maybe centuries.


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