Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's not a military coup you Idiots - Explaining what happened in Egypt for those who don't get it

Egypt Coup

After the army's statement yesterday different TV channels and news agencies all over the world started using the expression "Military Coup" to describe the recent events that took place in Egypt.

I completely disagree with using this expression to describe a movement that started by the people, I consider it even disrespectful to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to achieve what they believed in.

During the past couple of days people were protesting against the tyrant of the Muslim brotherhood Morsi.
who was protesting? 

When activists and protesters took to the streets and Morsi couldn't control it the army had to do something.
They had 2 options:
1- Side with Morsi and start using force against protesters which may lead to a situation similar to the one in Syri 


2- Side with the people and help them make their wish come true

Of course the army sided with the people in order to prevent more bloodshed.

I'm not complementing the army and i'm definitely against military rule of Egypt...we all experienced SCAF times and how brutal the army was but i'm just saying that El-Sisi was wise enough to avoid using force against the people of Egypt.

My message to the media is: please CNN, BBC or whatever other news source : STOP portraying it as a military coup because it is not.

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