Monday, July 29, 2013

Living abroad - Welcome to the zone of Alienation

pink floyd the wall

I always felt it was so easy to bond with people and to talk to them. I was always agreeing that humans can connect and become friends no matter if they speak different languages or have different cultures.
But recently i realized this is not true....even though sometimes i believe in my theory for some short time but generally speaking it proves invalid.

So here I'm in China feeling lonely and bored because i can't speak the language...I know that in major Chinese cities people are more westernized and most of them can speak English which makes it easier to mingle with locals but if you are in a city like the one i live in then you'll understand how hard my life is.

With few foreigners in the city it's always hard to find people who you can just talk to and all of a sudden you find yourself in the company of millions of people who are all laughing, talking and having fun while you are excluded because you can't communicate. With people but feeling lonely all the time.

This kind of alienation is upsetting and disturbing. It makes the purpose of staying here yeah i make good money and i can afford going out to the most expensive places in the city but what's the use of money with no people to have fun with.

Now if you know the movie "The Wall" by Pink Floyd you'll understand what i mean.

I would advice anyone thinking about living in a different country to choose a place where people speak a language you speak or at least an international city full of foreigners with whom you can communicate.

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