Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood - what have they done to deserve all these protests?

30 june Egypt

I'm shocked of all the people all over Twitter and Facebook supporting Morsi and his gang, begging to give him a second chance or stating arrogantly that what's happening in Egypt is the same as what happened in Turkey before...Islamists were overthrown because they were only good Muslims who were trying to raise the flag of Islam when the infidels, secularists and liberals were against it.

If you read the posts from the hash tag #savebangladesh or #saveegypt or many many others you'll be frustrated to know that there are a lot of people who are completely brainwashed and ignorant to the situation in Egypt that led to huge protests like the one on the 30th of June 2013.

For all these people who don't know about the Muslim brotherhood and what they did in Egypt in a period of one year i write this post to clarify things for you.

Now go back with me to the time when the Muslim brotherhood won in the elections. Yes you are right about Egypt not being in a good condition at that time with a lot of conflicts between Egyptians and the army coupled with an economic crisis and lots of protests every week.
So i agree with you on that but remember who was bribing people in the elections by giving them oil and sugar? yes it was the good muslims: the Muslim Brotherhood
Remember before the presidential elections how Morsi was answering to questions about what will happen if people protest against him, he was saying that he will listen to them and do whatever they want. well guess fucking what? that's what's happening at the moment and he still doesn't want to give up.

Since Morsi and his group took over Egypt has been suffering from more problems with electricity and they never did anything to fix it or even try to have a plan to fix it....their advice was to turn off the A/C and not use electricity.

In another incident we have the minister of media live on TV insulting a journalist....do you consider that being a good Muslim?

One more: remember the conference a couple of weeks ago when this so called Sheikh insulted Shias and called them infidels in the presence of president Morsi? do you call that good Islam?

So the answer to some of your questions is no, we are not revolting against the Muslim brotherhood because they are good Muslims. it's quite the contrary we are revolting against them because they are not good Muslims, because they are just another political group who are abusing religion to get power and money and what not.

That's the truth that you are avoiding. In Egypt the population is more than 90% Muslims do you consider most of these people infidels just because they don't want a president who abused their country and brought to it's worst times ever in history?

Wake up people....the truth is in front of you and you don't wanna see it.

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