Friday, July 5, 2013

When fake Islamism turns into terrorism - The Muslim brotherhood as an example

morsi bearded

After the Egyptian army took people's side and took steps to relief Mohamed Morsi from his duties as a president most of the Egyptians i know felt happy and were celebrating the ouster of another Tyrant who ruled the country with terrorizing the people, lying to them and funding terrorist militias.

Others were aware that this will not pass without retaliation from the aforementioned militias that the ex-president Mohamed Morsi was supporting and funding. Which is actually taking place now in different parts of Egypt like North Sinai or near Cairo university.

The worst part in the whole process was the toughness of the choice the army had to make. on one hand they couldn't have let Morsi get stronger with all his militias and extremist fanatics and let the people suffer the attacks of heartless Morsi supporters. On the other hand they knew if they interfered to end Morsi's time as a president they would have to deal with Morsi supporters (most of them are extremists) avenging Morsi.

Fortunately for Egypt it had El-Sisi as the leader of the army who chose to side with people's wish to end the dictatorship of the Muslim brotherhood. and now as we can see it's already happening: attacks on Arish airport, 5 army and police checkpoints by missiles and heavy artillery.

No doubt Morsi had many supporters but if we look more into it, the majority of these supporters are members in the Muslim brotherhood, members in terrorist organizations like Hamas and al-Qaeda or pure ignorant supporters from different Muslim countries who consider the army's move as an attack on Islam.
(as far as i can see mosques are still praying and nothing relating to religion changed after Morsi and his gang got arrested)

Now i will leave you with a short video with English subtitles about Morsi's supporters to prove the allegations in this post. this is just a random sample and a simple search on you tube will show you similar videos.


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