Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.....A struggle {Random Thoughts}

tunnel light train

Every time something nice happens to me i cheer up and i become so ecstatic about the future thinking that finally all what I've been through is paying up....but then again i find a bigger problem ahead that reminds me of one of Metallica's best songs ever - No Leaf Clover in which they describe the light in the end of the tunnel as a freight train coming your way which sounds really true.

I'm sure it's not only me who is feeling the same way, everyone has this feeling and goes through the same roller coaster of life. Because let's face it: that is what life is, just a big battle between humans and keep fighting to survive but you never win. From my point of view I think that the problem is not that i don't win, The problem is that i don't lose.

It's like you are fighting a hulk who is punching you in the face then he gives you the opportunity to punch him back and at this point you feel like you are winning, you believe that you can beat up the beast but when he retaliates he hits you harder but doesn't kill you. As if life enjoys torturing us and playing with us.

I can't deny that during this process you definitely become stronger every time but so what? so i become stronger and i know that life is mightier than the strongest i can ever be so what's the point here?

Maybe i will realize it one day, most probably not but eventually this is life and you can't quit it not because suicide is a weak act or because religion tells us that committing suicide is going to get you straight to hell but because we enjoy it...whenever we hit that hulk we get this momentarily joy and optimism that there's hope.

Maybe also because having a monotonous life of always winning is not interesting....winning will lose it's meaning, success would be normal so we tend to pass through times of failure in order to feel success when it comes.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is what we are supporting with our money.....terribly inhumane conditions for workers in Bangladesh

I came across this recent post on Boston's Big Picture website (if you don't know it check it out here )*

It hurt me so much to know that the money i'm paying to buy any product is supporting this cruelty indirectly through big corporations who don't really care about these poor workers who are suffering just to have food on the table, they only care about MONEY.

They are literally sucking these people's blood just to make money and this is a big disaster because how i interpret this is that money is so much more valuable than these fellow humans who are being exploited all the time, who can't find even the clothes (as you can see in the photos) just to make for us some products that are overpriced because of the brand on them.

when i saw the post i looked at the tag of my T-shirt that was manufactured by the famous Swedish company H&M and i wasn't surprised to find out it was made in Bangladesh.

This got me to start imagining how this T-shirt was made and whether or not some poor people like the ones in these photos had to suffer to manufacture a T-shirt i paid so much to get and made me think how much percent of the price of this T-shirt went to these people.

It's scary how we humans can't act humane towards our brothers and sisters....and it's scary that we don't even see the situation these people are living in even though we have the internet and with all the ease in information transfer.

I'm not blaming H&M because frankly speaking i have no idea how they treat their workers in Bangladesh but i'm generally speaking about all the big corporations who have their factories in poor Asian countries (not only Bangladesh) and i'm very curious to know whether these big companies have any programs to support poor workers like these ones in the photos...and whether making more profit is more important to these companies than educating these people and providing them with the essentials to live as humans.

*The photos included in this post are all from the Big Picture website that was mentioned above....these are not all the photos...for more please visit the post from this link: 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Apartment hunt in Changchun, Jilin province, China - a real pain in the ass

apartment Changchun china

Recently i wanted to move to a new apartment because my contract with the old landlord was due to expire so i started searching for something around downtown in the Guilin lu area to be close to the night life which is non-existent anyway in Changchun.
I started looking online to find an apartment and god it was difficult because no one spoke English and even the websites i used ( and were all in Chinese so i was always asking a friend to call the owners and discuss with them and eventually i gave up because all the apartments i found in this area were old and expensive.

That's when i decided to resort to agencies to find me a place with my own specifications which were simple:
a clean, modern and small apartment that's not so expensive.
Again this approach wasn't successful.

I decided to try moving away from downtown searching for the perfect place...and finally with the help of a patient Chinese friend i found had all the specifications i asked for and more. The best thing is that it wasn't through an agency so i didn't have to pay the 50% rent fee for the agency.

I'm so grateful i finally found it and my advice to you if you are looking for an apartment in Changchun is to just find a friend and look somewhere where they have newer buildings like the area near Nanhu square or Jilin dalu area.....forget about downtown and know that you can get there with a taxi that will only cost you 8 RMB considering the fact that Taxis are so cheap here in Changchun


7 things you have to experience in Bangkok, Thailand

soi cowboy bangkok

As i explained in my last post I was in Thailand in the capital Bangkok for only 10 days and it was a business trip which meant i didn't have the time to do everything there's to do in Bangkok.

This is why I'm compiling this list of things you have to do if you are ever in Bangkok and don't have the time like me.

so here we go:
  1. Khao san road: enjoy some drinks while listening to live music in this very famous touristy street full of bars and shops that sell everything.
  2. Soi Cowboy: one of the most tourist-friendly red light districts...fair prices for alcohol and pretty ladies dancing....they are not pushy at all.
  3. Thai Massage: try the traditional Thai massage...there are so many places where you can get a massage...the one i got was in my hotel Chaophya park hotel and for a big hotel it wasn't expensive at all
  4. Eat Pad Thai: the most famous Thai dish is delicious and available everywhere for as cheap as 30 Baht.
  5. Visit the Grand Palace: one of the biggest attractions in Bangkok and definitely worth seeing 
  6. Visit Wat Arun temple in the evening with all its lights it's amazing
  7. Have a drink in the street bars in Sukhumvit soi 11
music Bangkok Thailand


Friday, August 16, 2013

10 days in Bangkok Thailand ----- an Awesome trip

Recently my company sent me on a 10 day business trip in Bangkok, Thailand....I always had this prejudice that business trips are supposed to be tiring and you get to see nothing from the city you are visiting. It has always been about working then going back to your hotel feeling exhausted and you fall asleep.

This trip was different, I actually went out exploring a lot and i got the chance to be very touristy and Bangkok, oh Bangkok is crazy.

One of the best fucking cities i visited...always alive with amazing and crazy nightlife, very cheap even cheaper than Changchun where i live....very clean and transportation is easy.

Up until now i'm trying to find out the reason Thai people are so friendly all the time and why they are sincerely smiling and offering their help.

Of course i didn't get the chance to go everywhere i wanted to go but at the same time i got a taste of Bangkok and i was even lucky to be there on the queen's birthday which was a day off so i went out watching all the celebrations 

I would definitely go back to Bangkok for pleasure soon so i can continue exploring this glorious city that incorporates different cultures and different activities in such harmonious way.