Friday, August 16, 2013

10 days in Bangkok Thailand ----- an Awesome trip

Recently my company sent me on a 10 day business trip in Bangkok, Thailand....I always had this prejudice that business trips are supposed to be tiring and you get to see nothing from the city you are visiting. It has always been about working then going back to your hotel feeling exhausted and you fall asleep.

This trip was different, I actually went out exploring a lot and i got the chance to be very touristy and Bangkok, oh Bangkok is crazy.

One of the best fucking cities i visited...always alive with amazing and crazy nightlife, very cheap even cheaper than Changchun where i live....very clean and transportation is easy.

Up until now i'm trying to find out the reason Thai people are so friendly all the time and why they are sincerely smiling and offering their help.

Of course i didn't get the chance to go everywhere i wanted to go but at the same time i got a taste of Bangkok and i was even lucky to be there on the queen's birthday which was a day off so i went out watching all the celebrations 

I would definitely go back to Bangkok for pleasure soon so i can continue exploring this glorious city that incorporates different cultures and different activities in such harmonious way.

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