Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.....A struggle {Random Thoughts}

tunnel light train

Every time something nice happens to me i cheer up and i become so ecstatic about the future thinking that finally all what I've been through is paying up....but then again i find a bigger problem ahead that reminds me of one of Metallica's best songs ever - No Leaf Clover in which they describe the light in the end of the tunnel as a freight train coming your way which sounds really true.

I'm sure it's not only me who is feeling the same way, everyone has this feeling and goes through the same roller coaster of life. Because let's face it: that is what life is, just a big battle between humans and keep fighting to survive but you never win. From my point of view I think that the problem is not that i don't win, The problem is that i don't lose.

It's like you are fighting a hulk who is punching you in the face then he gives you the opportunity to punch him back and at this point you feel like you are winning, you believe that you can beat up the beast but when he retaliates he hits you harder but doesn't kill you. As if life enjoys torturing us and playing with us.

I can't deny that during this process you definitely become stronger every time but so what? so i become stronger and i know that life is mightier than the strongest i can ever be so what's the point here?

Maybe i will realize it one day, most probably not but eventually this is life and you can't quit it not because suicide is a weak act or because religion tells us that committing suicide is going to get you straight to hell but because we enjoy it...whenever we hit that hulk we get this momentarily joy and optimism that there's hope.

Maybe also because having a monotonous life of always winning is not interesting....winning will lose it's meaning, success would be normal so we tend to pass through times of failure in order to feel success when it comes.

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