Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is what we are supporting with our money.....terribly inhumane conditions for workers in Bangladesh

I came across this recent post on Boston's Big Picture website (if you don't know it check it out here )*

It hurt me so much to know that the money i'm paying to buy any product is supporting this cruelty indirectly through big corporations who don't really care about these poor workers who are suffering just to have food on the table, they only care about MONEY.

They are literally sucking these people's blood just to make money and this is a big disaster because how i interpret this is that money is so much more valuable than these fellow humans who are being exploited all the time, who can't find even the clothes (as you can see in the photos) just to make for us some products that are overpriced because of the brand on them.

when i saw the post i looked at the tag of my T-shirt that was manufactured by the famous Swedish company H&M and i wasn't surprised to find out it was made in Bangladesh.

This got me to start imagining how this T-shirt was made and whether or not some poor people like the ones in these photos had to suffer to manufacture a T-shirt i paid so much to get and made me think how much percent of the price of this T-shirt went to these people.

It's scary how we humans can't act humane towards our brothers and sisters....and it's scary that we don't even see the situation these people are living in even though we have the internet and with all the ease in information transfer.

I'm not blaming H&M because frankly speaking i have no idea how they treat their workers in Bangladesh but i'm generally speaking about all the big corporations who have their factories in poor Asian countries (not only Bangladesh) and i'm very curious to know whether these big companies have any programs to support poor workers like these ones in the photos...and whether making more profit is more important to these companies than educating these people and providing them with the essentials to live as humans.

*The photos included in this post are all from the Big Picture website that was mentioned above....these are not all the photos...for more please visit the post from this link: 

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