Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling lonely? -- Welcome to China

Talking to different Expats here in China (in smaller cities in particular) led me to believe that i'm not the only one feeling lonely.
I guess this is the main complaint Expats in China have. Now maybe if you have a family here or you are a student you'll not feel the same but for the rest of us who came here to work and are singles this is a major issue.
Take me as an example here, I came to work in a big company here alone, trust me i tried my best to mingle with the locals but it was all in vain because i didn't speak Chinese and even the ones that speak English are different in a way that is inexplicable but it will suffice to say we are not on the same frequency.
I only have 2 chinese friends here. In a whole year i made only 2 and most of the time they don't really get my jokes or what i'm even talking about.
On the other hand i tried to socialize with the expat community here but i was confronted with 2 categories of people (as i like to categorize them):
1- Students who have their own circle of friends and always put a barrier between them and others even if we are the same age. Somehow i couldn't remove this barrier and bond with them.
2- other working expats who are boring and don't care about anything except making money or hooking up with Chinese girls.
This led me to start believing that China is not the right place for me. I discovered that i will never be able to belong here even if i speak the language i will always be regarded as a foreigner.
I also discovered that i started turning into one of these expats who care only about making money just to get the hell out of here as soon as i can which wasn't my plan in the first place.
Again this is only my view and my experience. Maybe it's because i live in a smaller city or maybe because i lost all my social skills all of a sudden when i arrived in China.


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  1. Hey Peter - did it all work out? I'm having similar issues.