Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giving up - The positive way to look at it

The phrase "giving up" has this negative association with it....I always thought that giving up means failure and always associated it with being a quitter.
After thinking about events in my life in a negative way for a long time i actually discovered that giving up on things or on people can be positive sometimes....we know that there's a right time for everything but times change and people change.
I was always ashamed about giving up on an old friend, always tried to stay around and make it work but the truth is that there are things that break beyond just have to throw it away and find a new one.
This also applies to people whether it's a friend, someone you tried to help or an ex-bf/gf.
When the relationship is beyond repair or when the interest is gone then the best course of action is to just give up on it.
I also realized that this is not mean or can never erase history...your life is not just a whiteboard with temporary markings on it that you can's a story written inside your brain and it's permanent whether you accept it or not.
you can always remember the good times but once you don't have a connection or once you give up it's definitely worth it to be hurt for sometime and just move on.
If your friend is boring and you can't take what he says anymore then just end it and move are changing and your friend is also changing and it's possible to lose interest and grow out of your friendship.
There are so many people you will is full of adventures and chemistry and waiting for you to just go out and explore it.
it's like having an old nokia phone that you had for years and you are just holding on to it because you are scared you'll never find a better phone but once you decide and throw it away you discover that there are so many new smartphones that you can have and then you realize that the old nokia phone was just a distraction from all the other new good phones you could have.
As humans we think we can generate feelings....of course we have some sort of control over our feelings but to an extent.....if your feelings tell you that the situation you are in is not right then just follow and trust your intuition.
Give a chance to new opportunities to come through....don't keep looking back at the door that slammed shut behind you or else you'll miss the doors that keep opening in front of you.
Opportunities come and go, people come into your life and go so just enjoy the moment and enjoy who you are with and who your feelings point to at this particular moment....forget about the future, it will always remain unknown.

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