Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Best Things about Smoking - Nothing is 100% Evil

cigarette smoking pros

I noticed that everyone keeps talking about how bad smoking is and how harmful tobacco is....at the same time these people are always talking about optimism and shit like the cup that's half full and how you look at it.
That's why i decided to write a post about the pros of smoking so here we go:
1- Cigarettes are your best friend....they go with you everywhere....you find them anywhere in the world and even if you are alone they are with you to keep your company...hell even when your GF or BF dumps you, cigarettes never leave you.
2- I'm sure you are familiar with your company's smoking room and the view from it's window more than your office....I've been watching the view outside this window through different seasons...with rain outside, snow, autumn leaves on the ground and in spring with green trees....without cigarettes you'll never have this experience.
3- The best ice-breaker in the whole world, you are standing outside the bar looking for a lighter...in a minute you are standing chatting with a group of people....need I say more?
4- partnering with coffee, a cigarette is what gets you up in the morning.
5- The best excuse for getting away from an awkward social situation.
6- Your boss is bugging you? your life is full of problems? you are stressed? who accompanies you to vent off other than your cigarette?
7- Goes very well with any fun activity you do....Drinking, smoking up, sitting on the beach and any other fun activity you can imagine.

If you have more entries please let me know to add to the list.

Please note that this post is sarcastic, i'm not encouraging anyone to smoke.


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