Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Underrated Benefits of Living Abroad as an Expat - What people don't see

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I talked a lot before about the loneliness you feel in a new country when you don't speak the language or you don't know anyone but enough of that. I mean let's not be so negative instead let's adopt a positive overview instead of complaining all the time.

So here is a list of things you enjoy while being alone as an expat living in a different country:

1- No one knows you so you can just fucking do whatever the hell you wanna do, wanna go to the supermarket in your PJs? wanna start shouting randomly in the street at passersby? now you can 

2- You miss out on events back home that you don't wanna attend anyway so you skip any of those awkward social gatherings that you have to be at if you are back home, a funeral of a distant relative you never met? sure, a wedding of a colleague you despise? you have your excuse.

3- You can loudly curse in your own language and vent off in public without anyone understanding you. (not applicable if your native language is English though, maybe only in China)

4- You never have to put your phone on silent because let's be frank: no one will call you anyway.

5- You can use being a foreigner as an excuse in any situation, got on the bus without buying a ticket? just say i didn't know, you can ask any embarrassing personal questions you want and just say it's ok in your culture.


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