Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fractured Rib - Time Heals Everything

Suffering from my second rib fracture in less than six months got me to start thinking. I knew that there's nothing to do in cases of rib fractures because it's not worth it to get a cast.
The way to treat rib fractures is just to wait....It takes 6-8 weeks to heal during which you experience pain while sleeping, moving and sometimes even breathing. It's also recommended to start taking painkillers to make it easier to breathe which is supposed to prevent from rib fracture complications, respiratory tract infection in particular.

That made me realize a fact that is really important....I came to realize how powerful time is because not only can it heal a fractured bone but it can also heal a broken heart or a feeling of anger towards someone or whatever else.

Time can also bring people together, recently i ran into this guy i hated when we were in school some 10 years ago but once we stopped and said hi we started talking about school days and the good old times. We forgot completely how much we hated each other in school and we appreciated talking together because it made both of us remember this fragment of the past.

Human brain is amazingly powerful because not only it can store information better than the mightiest computer ever created but it can be selective of which information to store and which to get rid of, over time we tend to forget about the bad memories and we remember the good ones.

This is how i see it now, no regrets because at the moment i don't remember most of the bad things people did to me. I just remember good times and good memories.

So enjoy the your life and don't be scared to break your bone or even your heart because TIME will heal it eventually.

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