Thursday, October 10, 2013

You love Chinese food? Think twice before answering - My experience with Chinese Food

scorpion skewer China

"Can you find something to eat in China?" is a question i get asked every time I fly back home or I skype with a friend who is not living in the middle kingdom.

Before ever setting foot in China and while discussing my plans of coming here to live i was talking to my friends back home, a few of them have been to China before and i was just taking their opinions about the decision i'm about to make. What impressed me is that 2 of these friends told me that i would suffer to find food and they went on and on about how hard it was for them to find something they can eat during the week they spent in China.

Of course I didn't believe them although I knew it would be a little bit tough to adapt to Chinese food but i was sure it's doable. However when I think about it now I can say it's not doable.
Let me explain what happened...When I first arrived here it was really hard for me to eat anything other than noodles because everything seemed weird for me: chicken feet, turtle heads, silkworm cocoons...etc.

The Chinese cuisine is known all over the world for it's diversity and it's definitely true that Chinese people enjoy some delicacies that no one else can imagine but at the same time there are a lot of different dishes and recipes that are pretty normal. Now after a lot of trial and error I can say i made my safe food list and a blacklist as well.

Now i know what to eat and the restaurants that fit my 
taste so i have no problem finding food i can eat.

干锅土豆片My favorite meal here in China would be 干锅土豆片(in the image on the right) which is some sort of a pot that comes with a flame under so it can cook while you are consists of potato slices with onions and pepper....this is a complete meal that you can eat with rice and it's very similar to a dish we have back home.

Another favorite of mine is Malatang 麻辣烫 which is your selection of vegetables and tofu boiled with noodles and served in really spicy sauce.

The biggest challenge for me was to learn how to use chopsticks to eat rice (even now i still didn't master it) 

So yeah i admit i enjoy Chinese food (it's also cheaper) but not all of it and now i have an answer to the question on the beginning of this post.

***This post is inspired by Echinacities' article found here


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