Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why General El-Sisi should be the next President of Egypt?*

I know the title of the post is deceiving....but bear with me, I will talk about why he shouldn't be the president of Egypt and why we need someone else.

Since I moved to China I sort of stopped following the news from Egypt not because I don't care but because I want to avoid any kind of useless sophisticated political discussions with any of my fellow Egyptians on Twitter or Facebook.

But of course everyday while checking my social networks' feed I accidentally read a piece of news here or there and recently I stumbled upon this huge discussion on Facebook between a supporter of El-Sisi and another dude who is advocating for a civil state and that's when I decided to write this post.

First of all I have to declare that I'm not against General El-Sisi in anyway, furthermore I think that he did his duty in saving Egypt from the hands of the fake Islamist rule of the Muslim Brotherhood who were trying to convert Egypt into another Iran.

But at the same time I don't think El-Sisi is fit as a presidential candidate, for once in our life we have to try and get rid of the idea of Egypt being ruled by a pharaoh. Being the head of the armed forces in Egypt is enough power for one person but having too much power corrupts, giving all these authorities to one person is a mistake we did many times before.

I think it's time to give a chance to new blood, new ideology and a chance for one of our young calibers - who have been marginalized for a long time - to prove himself (or herself) and step up to be the president of Egypt.

It's time to stop taking the easiest choices because we tried that before, we tried the brain of the crowd before and we suffered a lot as a result to our uninformed decision.

We need a charismatic leader who can negotiate with his opponents and not just cuff them or kill them. At this point we should be able to realize we can't oppress a certain group, party or minority. It's time to live in peace and learn from other countries which are a century ahead of us.
It surprises me how in china there are many ethnicities, many dialects and many religions but still all of them live in harmony identifying only as Chinese citizens while in Egypt we have 2 main religions and only 1 language and we still fight and kill each other which is doing the country no good. 

* The opinions mentioned here are my own opinions, I don't belong to a particular party or group.

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