Sunday, November 3, 2013

Get the great Android Kitkat 4.4 Look on your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Today

Recently I posted about the rom I'm using at the moment.....If you missed it then check my post about Beanstalk rom for the Note N7000

With the new APKs leaked from the new Android Kitkat 4.4 I managed to get the look and some of the features to work on my phone to make it look like the following screenshotsIf you need help tinkering with the settings or further details please comment here and I will reply
Android Kitkat 4.4 is on it's way to the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 N7000

N7000 Note 1 4.4 kitkat
N7000 Note 1 4.4 kitkat
If you want to get the same look on your Samsung Galaxy Note I N7000 I will guide you here how to get the transparent navigation bar, status bar and the new Google home launcher....needless to say that my phone runs very smoothly with no lagging whatsoever thanks to the great Beanstalk rom.

First of all you should head over to the leaked APKs and download them from here and install them.

To make the navigation bar transparent you want to go to settings--->system--->Navigation bar--->style and dimens--->Navigation bar background style--->then adjust the transparency to 80% and set the transparency mode to--->on launcher

To make the status bar transparent go to settings--->system--->status bar--->status bar background---->adjust transparency to 80% and the mode to--->on launcher

The widget I use for clock and temperature is called Android Weather & Clock Widget

Worth mentioning that the camera app from 4.4 force closed many times but the stock camera app in Beanstalk is the same so I uninstalled the 4.4 one 

{update} check out my post about the first Android 4.4 ROM  for N7000: Android Kitkat 4.4 is on it's way to the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 N7000


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    1. You're more than welcome, Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

    2. This does not work on galaxy note n7000 with 4.0.4.

    3. It doesn't work on 4.0.4 because Google now doesn't even work on Ice cream sandwich, this is why i used Beanstalk ROM, but any other JB based ROM will do the trick

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