Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batman Spotted in China - What else are we going to see?

Recently I met a friendly Chinese guy in a bar whose English wasn't very good but could at least keep a conversation going, when I asked for his name he replied with his Chinese name which of course was super complicated for me to pronounce.

I faced this situation many times before in China and I think it's really embarrassing for them and for you because they have to repeat their names many times and you still know that even if they repeat it a 100 times you'll either still not be able to pronounce it right or you'll forget it after a couple of minutes.
China name batman

So to save up all the time and all the awkwardness involved I tend to ask if they have an English name since I know that most of the Chinese students do.
Going back to the story of the guy in the first paragraph, I asked him if he has an English name, the reply that I got made me laugh out loud even though the guy was all serious and wasn't showing any signs of being sarcastic, he said his English name was "Batman"!

I tried to inquire why he chose this name and his answer was very simple: "because I like batman"

Somehow It wasn't really surprising for me because when I used to teach here in China I used to find all sorts of weird names that were so funny or didn't even exist.

Here's a list of some of the weird names I found here:
Dick (his reason was that he was big :s)
Error404 (probably she was never found :p)

And the list goes on and on, however what's more annoying is that they usually choose the same name. I've on my phone book 10 Amys, 6 Ambers, 3 Bills, 5 Candys, 7 Sherrys, 3 Karas and 4 Evas.

But anyway I learned that being in China is awesome, even the names can bring a smile on your face during your hardest times here.

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