Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just In: Egypt The Dictatorship Starring General El-Sisi

sisi dictator Egypt
credits for the photo abc.net.au
Welcome once again to Egypt the dictatorship part 5 (oh wait it's not 5...I can't even keep count)
You see my friend we finally got rid of the religious dictatorship we suffered with for a whole year and we went out in the streets celebrating again and congratulating each other because finally our savior General El-Sisi (Aka. Jesus of Egypt) saved us from Morsi and his gang and then we lived happily ever after like in any Disney movie.

But wait that was not the real ending because yesterday what you are going to see in the following video took place while dispersing a protest against military trials for civilians....these activists were practicing their rights by peacefully protesting against something they don't see right.

And just like in the old bad days of Mubarak we can hear the same word (Thugs) being used again to label some of these activists.

Police brutality has been an ongoing issue in Egypt for ages now, what's wrong with arresting the so called thugs without insulting them or having to hit them?

What I'm seeing in Egypt now is basically a big vicious circle of events that happen over and over again, It's more like a deja vu for me with only some different names.

Mubarak, SCAF, Morsi, Sisi and many more to come. NONE of them got the idea...For me they all seem like one stupid, incapable and power hungry villain character in a story.

When will the good win in Egypt? I know it will happen, I've seen tens of Disney movies and the good always wins eventually, or am I just being naive?

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