Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Review of Sweet Rom for the Samsung Galaxy Note I N7000 - Touchwiz Based Custom Rom

In this post I will discuss my experience with sweet rom for the galaxy note 1 which is a Touchwiz based custom rom cooked by XDA's senior member not-i

Yesterday I had some free time and what is better than flashing a rom to keep yourself busy, huh? as I mentioned in an earlier post I was so happy and satisfied with the Beanstalk rom but I kind of missed the feeling of a Touchwiz rom so I started my research trying to find a good new rom to try.

After watching multiple hands on videos on youtube and reading the whole discussion thread on XDA forums I decided to try sweet rom with C.O.H kernel.

I flashed the zip of V11.1 downloaded from sweet rom's original thread and started playing with my phone setting up everything and restoring the same apps I was using with Beanstalk just to be able to compare the user experience without much interference from other factors.

My first and last impressions were that sweet rom is probably one of the best Touchwiz roms out there, very stable and full of customization however it was not smooth enough for a power user like me who is using more than 100 apps and multitasking all the made me remember why in the first place I had to give up on the stock rom and start using custom roms.

I know for a fact that you can never compare a rom based on CM with a Touchwiz based rom because everything is so different.

I kept using sweet rom for a whole day but after all the lags that are bundled with Touchwiz anyway I reverted back to Beanstalk and couldn't be happier.

The summary here is that I would definitely recommend sweet rom for anyone who wants to use all of the Touchwiz options because it's definitely one of the best but if you need more power and smoothness out of your ancient note then Beanstalk is the answer.

I'm also still waiting for any news from Samsung whether the N7000 will be included in the list of devices that will receive Kitkat 4.4 although I know it's unlikely but still there's hope.

{update: check out my review of Sweet Rom v10.5}


  1. I've been using Sweet Rom 11 for about a fortnight now, after coming back from SlimKat.
    Nothing beats a fast KitKat custom ROM for speed, but there were aspects of TouchWiz that I missed.

    I agree with you basic premise, if you need fast and stable, an AOSP based ROM is best. My preference is SlimKat ... it is lightning fast.
    If you must use TouchWiz then SweetRom is the most stable, and it does allow you to uninstall a wide variety of the bloatware apps and that can speed things up quite a lot.
    Add something like Xposed's BootManager and you can have a pretty good JellyBean Touchwiz experience.