Thursday, November 7, 2013

Whatsapp: What's the point of setting a price if it's for free?

Yes you are right, this is just another hate post against Whatsapp, you ask me why? well because I don't understand some of their actions or motives.

So yesterday I received a notification from Whatsapp informing me that my service has been extended until December 2014

I didn't have to do anything to get that blessing from the Whatsapp gods, I think it was more of a retention plan because my 1 year trial was going to expire so they decided they need me and that's why they saved me some money.

The same happened with a lot of my friends who got renewed for another 1 year without doing anything, my question now is why would Whatsapp define a price for their service then end up giving it for free anyway?
I think at this point Whatsapp realized the big competition they are up against with so many alternatives that offer more features and services completely free of charge (Wechat for example)

But I have to say that the world changes so fast, one day BBM was the best IM and the trend started fast and lasted short then it died, same goes for Hi5.

So maybe the end of Whatsapp is coming soon as well, who knows.


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