Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Do We Drink Alcohol?

After a whole night of drinking yesterday, arriving home late I started thinking about why we drink Alcohol.

Humans are known for their relatively big powerful brains so it's mystifying why we would want to drug our brains and be as close as can be to animals allowing our primitive instincts to take over and push us to do things we would never do otherwise.

Maybe it can be described by the line in Eagle's song Hotel California "some dance to remember and some dance to forget", maybe the same idea applies to drinking maybe it's because we want to forget, we want to stop our brain from over-thinking about our realities.

But again are we that weak to try to escape our feelings and realities by clouding our brains?

When I asked some of my friends about the reasons why they drink, most replied and said that the main reason is to fit in, in a party with everyone drinking they didn't want to be the only one who is sober standing with a glass of coke.

Some of them replied by saying they drink because Alcohol affects our inhibition, they wanted to get rid of that inhibition to be able to do the things they wouldn't do while sober...example was talking to a girl in a club or dancing.

I'm not offering a solution or an answer to these questions here but it's without a doubt something to think about.

Alcohol cause solution drinkWhatever the reason is, cheers to Alcohol because it's the cause and the solution to all of life's problems.

P.S. it's now 7 am and i had a long night of drinking so Excuse my language and train of thoughts :)

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