Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Camtasia Studio - You Will Love This Video Editing and Screen Recording Tool

A few days back at work I was assigned a new task that includes creating a video tutorial detailing how to use our company's software, this video had to include screen recording, captions, voice overs and effects. And as expected I wasn't given any tools to work with or even any training so I decided to dive head first into it and show them I can do a good job even if I don't have the tools needed.

After spending a couple of hours reading reviews and doing my research I found Camtasia studio and it had everything I was looking for except for it's expensive price ($299 USD) for the electronic copy.

You can download a trial to test the software before buying the full 
version which is available for both windows and Mac OS

What I liked most about the software was that it has a very organized
user interface and very easy to use but of course needs sometime to 
explore all the features and master it.

You can find all the features and details on Camtasia Studio's website

I created a sample video with it which is certainly nothing compared to what this software of capable of but I'm just experimenting before starting to work on the task assigned to me.

*I'm not advertising for Camtasia and I don't make any money out of this tip

Here's the video I made


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