Monday, July 29, 2013

Living abroad - Welcome to the zone of Alienation

pink floyd the wall

I always felt it was so easy to bond with people and to talk to them. I was always agreeing that humans can connect and become friends no matter if they speak different languages or have different cultures.
But recently i realized this is not true....even though sometimes i believe in my theory for some short time but generally speaking it proves invalid.

So here I'm in China feeling lonely and bored because i can't speak the language...I know that in major Chinese cities people are more westernized and most of them can speak English which makes it easier to mingle with locals but if you are in a city like the one i live in then you'll understand how hard my life is.

With few foreigners in the city it's always hard to find people who you can just talk to and all of a sudden you find yourself in the company of millions of people who are all laughing, talking and having fun while you are excluded because you can't communicate. With people but feeling lonely all the time.

This kind of alienation is upsetting and disturbing. It makes the purpose of staying here yeah i make good money and i can afford going out to the most expensive places in the city but what's the use of money with no people to have fun with.

Now if you know the movie "The Wall" by Pink Floyd you'll understand what i mean.

I would advice anyone thinking about living in a different country to choose a place where people speak a language you speak or at least an international city full of foreigners with whom you can communicate.

Friday, July 5, 2013

When fake Islamism turns into terrorism - The Muslim brotherhood as an example

morsi bearded

After the Egyptian army took people's side and took steps to relief Mohamed Morsi from his duties as a president most of the Egyptians i know felt happy and were celebrating the ouster of another Tyrant who ruled the country with terrorizing the people, lying to them and funding terrorist militias.

Others were aware that this will not pass without retaliation from the aforementioned militias that the ex-president Mohamed Morsi was supporting and funding. Which is actually taking place now in different parts of Egypt like North Sinai or near Cairo university.

The worst part in the whole process was the toughness of the choice the army had to make. on one hand they couldn't have let Morsi get stronger with all his militias and extremist fanatics and let the people suffer the attacks of heartless Morsi supporters. On the other hand they knew if they interfered to end Morsi's time as a president they would have to deal with Morsi supporters (most of them are extremists) avenging Morsi.

Fortunately for Egypt it had El-Sisi as the leader of the army who chose to side with people's wish to end the dictatorship of the Muslim brotherhood. and now as we can see it's already happening: attacks on Arish airport, 5 army and police checkpoints by missiles and heavy artillery.

No doubt Morsi had many supporters but if we look more into it, the majority of these supporters are members in the Muslim brotherhood, members in terrorist organizations like Hamas and al-Qaeda or pure ignorant supporters from different Muslim countries who consider the army's move as an attack on Islam.
(as far as i can see mosques are still praying and nothing relating to religion changed after Morsi and his gang got arrested)

Now i will leave you with a short video with English subtitles about Morsi's supporters to prove the allegations in this post. this is just a random sample and a simple search on you tube will show you similar videos.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's not a military coup you Idiots - Explaining what happened in Egypt for those who don't get it

Egypt Coup

After the army's statement yesterday different TV channels and news agencies all over the world started using the expression "Military Coup" to describe the recent events that took place in Egypt.

I completely disagree with using this expression to describe a movement that started by the people, I consider it even disrespectful to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to achieve what they believed in.

During the past couple of days people were protesting against the tyrant of the Muslim brotherhood Morsi.
who was protesting? 

When activists and protesters took to the streets and Morsi couldn't control it the army had to do something.
They had 2 options:
1- Side with Morsi and start using force against protesters which may lead to a situation similar to the one in Syri 


2- Side with the people and help them make their wish come true

Of course the army sided with the people in order to prevent more bloodshed.

I'm not complementing the army and i'm definitely against military rule of Egypt...we all experienced SCAF times and how brutal the army was but i'm just saying that El-Sisi was wise enough to avoid using force against the people of Egypt.

My message to the media is: please CNN, BBC or whatever other news source : STOP portraying it as a military coup because it is not.

Egypt after Morsi & MB - Random Thoughts

Egypt celebrates

There's no doubt at all that every single Egyptian who cares about his country was on cloud 9 yesterday after the Egyptian army decided to side with the wishes of the people to get rid of one of the stupidest dictators in the history of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi.

At the same time we are still facing a big crisis with Islamists  who believe this was an attack on Islam the religion. Which requires us to start a campaign to educate them to understand that what happened was not an attack on Islam but rather an attack on a certain group of extremists who used the slogan of Islam to manipulate innocents and use them to gain more authority for an individual or a group.

We also still face a problem with people from the other side who think that any bearded man wearing a galabeya and hanging out at the mosque most of the time is a terrorist or has something to do with the Muslim brotherhood so he has to be captured and put in prison. Which is considered extremism as well.

However under the current circumstances and all the hate built up towards the Muslim brotherhood i would understand this ideology but we should try harder to make it clear that these people are not related to the Muslim brotherhood in anyway.

I still believe that even with the current political changes and even after we have decent elections it will take Egypt sometime to start recovering from all the protests and all the conflicts we had during the past 3 years.

I'm wishing the best for Egypt and for its people who were brave enough to take to the streets to protest and express their opinion.

The process of democracy is hard especially in Arab countries where democracy was absent for decades and maybe centuries.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood - what have they done to deserve all these protests?

30 june Egypt

I'm shocked of all the people all over Twitter and Facebook supporting Morsi and his gang, begging to give him a second chance or stating arrogantly that what's happening in Egypt is the same as what happened in Turkey before...Islamists were overthrown because they were only good Muslims who were trying to raise the flag of Islam when the infidels, secularists and liberals were against it.

If you read the posts from the hash tag #savebangladesh or #saveegypt or many many others you'll be frustrated to know that there are a lot of people who are completely brainwashed and ignorant to the situation in Egypt that led to huge protests like the one on the 30th of June 2013.

For all these people who don't know about the Muslim brotherhood and what they did in Egypt in a period of one year i write this post to clarify things for you.

Now go back with me to the time when the Muslim brotherhood won in the elections. Yes you are right about Egypt not being in a good condition at that time with a lot of conflicts between Egyptians and the army coupled with an economic crisis and lots of protests every week.
So i agree with you on that but remember who was bribing people in the elections by giving them oil and sugar? yes it was the good muslims: the Muslim Brotherhood
Remember before the presidential elections how Morsi was answering to questions about what will happen if people protest against him, he was saying that he will listen to them and do whatever they want. well guess fucking what? that's what's happening at the moment and he still doesn't want to give up.

Since Morsi and his group took over Egypt has been suffering from more problems with electricity and they never did anything to fix it or even try to have a plan to fix it....their advice was to turn off the A/C and not use electricity.

In another incident we have the minister of media live on TV insulting a you consider that being a good Muslim?

One more: remember the conference a couple of weeks ago when this so called Sheikh insulted Shias and called them infidels in the presence of president Morsi? do you call that good Islam?

So the answer to some of your questions is no, we are not revolting against the Muslim brotherhood because they are good Muslims. it's quite the contrary we are revolting against them because they are not good Muslims, because they are just another political group who are abusing religion to get power and money and what not.

That's the truth that you are avoiding. In Egypt the population is more than 90% Muslims do you consider most of these people infidels just because they don't want a president who abused their country and brought to it's worst times ever in history?

Wake up people....the truth is in front of you and you don't wanna see it.