Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Underrated Benefits of Living Abroad as an Expat - What people don't see

different Expat abroad

I talked a lot before about the loneliness you feel in a new country when you don't speak the language or you don't know anyone but enough of that. I mean let's not be so negative instead let's adopt a positive overview instead of complaining all the time.

So here is a list of things you enjoy while being alone as an expat living in a different country:

1- No one knows you so you can just fucking do whatever the hell you wanna do, wanna go to the supermarket in your PJs? wanna start shouting randomly in the street at passersby? now you can 

2- You miss out on events back home that you don't wanna attend anyway so you skip any of those awkward social gatherings that you have to be at if you are back home, a funeral of a distant relative you never met? sure, a wedding of a colleague you despise? you have your excuse.

3- You can loudly curse in your own language and vent off in public without anyone understanding you. (not applicable if your native language is English though, maybe only in China)

4- You never have to put your phone on silent because let's be frank: no one will call you anyway.

5- You can use being a foreigner as an excuse in any situation, got on the bus without buying a ticket? just say i didn't know, you can ask any embarrassing personal questions you want and just say it's ok in your culture.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Don't Experience Nostalgia

Everytime i check my facebook feed I find tons of posts with photos and images from the past and people exaggerating how good it was back then.
To be honest most of the time i don't really give a damn about the past...Hell i don't even remember what i ate for dinner last night and even if, who the FUCK cares? 
It's all exactly the same, yesterday you had problems and today you'll have more....nothing is different.
People who are posting photos from their school days explaining how much they miss their schools and their teachers, I have one advice for you: just grow up.
You have to remember how it wasn't all pink with all that homework and all the problems you had back then. now it's exactly the same except that now your problems are of a different kind because you have different needs.
Life is nothing but a series of problems interrupted by a series of crises that you have to face and get was never easy and never will be. so don't be so fucking naive to idealize the past let's be frank: it was never that good as you imagine it....this is just your memory failing you.
We humans always see the grass greener on the other side but what we should do is to just live the moment and experience reality with all it's pros and cons because the past is gone and the future is unknown.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Best Things about Smoking - Nothing is 100% Evil

cigarette smoking pros

I noticed that everyone keeps talking about how bad smoking is and how harmful tobacco the same time these people are always talking about optimism and shit like the cup that's half full and how you look at it.
That's why i decided to write a post about the pros of smoking so here we go:
1- Cigarettes are your best friend....they go with you find them anywhere in the world and even if you are alone they are with you to keep your company...hell even when your GF or BF dumps you, cigarettes never leave you.
2- I'm sure you are familiar with your company's smoking room and the view from it's window more than your office....I've been watching the view outside this window through different seasons...with rain outside, snow, autumn leaves on the ground and in spring with green trees....without cigarettes you'll never have this experience.
3- The best ice-breaker in the whole world, you are standing outside the bar looking for a a minute you are standing chatting with a group of people....need I say more?
4- partnering with coffee, a cigarette is what gets you up in the morning.
5- The best excuse for getting away from an awkward social situation.
6- Your boss is bugging you? your life is full of problems? you are stressed? who accompanies you to vent off other than your cigarette?
7- Goes very well with any fun activity you do....Drinking, smoking up, sitting on the beach and any other fun activity you can imagine.

If you have more entries please let me know to add to the list.

Please note that this post is sarcastic, i'm not encouraging anyone to smoke.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling lonely? -- Welcome to China

Talking to different Expats here in China (in smaller cities in particular) led me to believe that i'm not the only one feeling lonely.
I guess this is the main complaint Expats in China have. Now maybe if you have a family here or you are a student you'll not feel the same but for the rest of us who came here to work and are singles this is a major issue.
Take me as an example here, I came to work in a big company here alone, trust me i tried my best to mingle with the locals but it was all in vain because i didn't speak Chinese and even the ones that speak English are different in a way that is inexplicable but it will suffice to say we are not on the same frequency.
I only have 2 chinese friends here. In a whole year i made only 2 and most of the time they don't really get my jokes or what i'm even talking about.
On the other hand i tried to socialize with the expat community here but i was confronted with 2 categories of people (as i like to categorize them):
1- Students who have their own circle of friends and always put a barrier between them and others even if we are the same age. Somehow i couldn't remove this barrier and bond with them.
2- other working expats who are boring and don't care about anything except making money or hooking up with Chinese girls.
This led me to start believing that China is not the right place for me. I discovered that i will never be able to belong here even if i speak the language i will always be regarded as a foreigner.
I also discovered that i started turning into one of these expats who care only about making money just to get the hell out of here as soon as i can which wasn't my plan in the first place.
Again this is only my view and my experience. Maybe it's because i live in a smaller city or maybe because i lost all my social skills all of a sudden when i arrived in China.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Samsung Touchwiz - The worst user interface for the Android platform

I've had the Samsung note 1 n7000 for sometime now which was preceded by the Motorola Atrix 4g
The switch to samsung came after the broken promise of Motorola to update one of the best devices they had to jelly bean but still even with that broken promise i still held on to my Atrix because of the amazing power of the hardware so i was using the popular cyanogenmod to run jelly bean but nothing lasts forever (as i always like to say) so my Atrix got stolen in Cairo when i was visiting back in May 2013 and i got stabbed. 

I was never a Samsung fan and never recommended it for anyone instead i was always a Motorola fan but since they broke their promise i decided to go mainstream and get a Samsung.
Anyway i decided to get the note 1 after comparing specs and reviews but since day one it was sluggish and laggy most of the time.. Even though it comes with a better processor than the Atrix i suffered with it for a long time and i tried everything starting from clearing the cache to restoring to factory settings. 
I even tried to reduce the number of the apps i use (this is very difficult for an Android geek) but nothing did the trick... It was still the same. 
All this time i was sticking with stock and with Samsung's popular launcher Touchwiz. 
Just today i felt bored from the interface and decided  to switch to a different launcher just for the sake of Change.. I first tried Holo launcher HD which was so smooth but it force closed a few times while creating folders so i went back to my old favorite from the days of cyanogenmod which is Apex launcher and i was surprised how smooth and fast the user experience is, not only with the launcher but with the whole phone, all of a sudden switching apps and running as many apps as i want the phone was still handling them perfectly that's when i realized how Touchwiz was the biggest memory hog in the whole world.

I definitely wouldn't buy another Samsung again but at the same time the performance of my Galaxy note 1 can get me by just fine for probably another 6 or 7 months.
Samsung should really focus on the performance of their phones instead of just stacking lots of useless apps that include many useless features that will affect the performance and the user experience.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giving up - The positive way to look at it

The phrase "giving up" has this negative association with it....I always thought that giving up means failure and always associated it with being a quitter.
After thinking about events in my life in a negative way for a long time i actually discovered that giving up on things or on people can be positive sometimes....we know that there's a right time for everything but times change and people change.
I was always ashamed about giving up on an old friend, always tried to stay around and make it work but the truth is that there are things that break beyond just have to throw it away and find a new one.
This also applies to people whether it's a friend, someone you tried to help or an ex-bf/gf.
When the relationship is beyond repair or when the interest is gone then the best course of action is to just give up on it.
I also realized that this is not mean or can never erase history...your life is not just a whiteboard with temporary markings on it that you can's a story written inside your brain and it's permanent whether you accept it or not.
you can always remember the good times but once you don't have a connection or once you give up it's definitely worth it to be hurt for sometime and just move on.
If your friend is boring and you can't take what he says anymore then just end it and move are changing and your friend is also changing and it's possible to lose interest and grow out of your friendship.
There are so many people you will is full of adventures and chemistry and waiting for you to just go out and explore it.
it's like having an old nokia phone that you had for years and you are just holding on to it because you are scared you'll never find a better phone but once you decide and throw it away you discover that there are so many new smartphones that you can have and then you realize that the old nokia phone was just a distraction from all the other new good phones you could have.
As humans we think we can generate feelings....of course we have some sort of control over our feelings but to an extent.....if your feelings tell you that the situation you are in is not right then just follow and trust your intuition.
Give a chance to new opportunities to come through....don't keep looking back at the door that slammed shut behind you or else you'll miss the doors that keep opening in front of you.
Opportunities come and go, people come into your life and go so just enjoy the moment and enjoy who you are with and who your feelings point to at this particular moment....forget about the future, it will always remain unknown.