Monday, March 3, 2014

Some Thoughts About Religion

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I think it's really great having a belief or a religion, people tend to seek a higher power for help and guidance but sometimes religion turns into an excuse. Take for example someone who is not working but sitting on his a$$ all the time asking God for help and using this as an excuse for not trying to look for jobs because everything comes in the right time as arranged by God.

See, this is what startles me sometimes how human can abuse anything, even if it's something they believe is pure.

I hate the bossy people in churches who look at you in disgust if you sit down and think they have the authority to command you to stand up and pray, don't you think that maybe there's another reason for you to be in the church other than reminding me to stand up? say praying for example.

I go to church sometimes but to be honest every time I go I regret it, I don't feel the serenity and the purity at all, I just find some obnoxious people who are in church for one reason or another but all of these reasons don't include praying or connecting with God.

You have people who come to church to socialize, some others just come out of boredom while another group comes to church to show off how religious they are and the group that I hate the most are those ones who find in the church a place where they can practice being a manager appointed by God himself.

I understand of course that these stereotypes don't constitute the whole population of churchgoers and that there are definitely a lot of exceptions, but don't you see that these exceptions exist everywhere in any community you can think of?

You can always find the good and the bad anywhere, it doesn't have to be a church or a religious institution to find good people. 

What annoys me so much is how we humans always look for differences, even though we are only one species we still look at skin color, nationality, religion even in one religion we managed to create many sects.

The idea of religion scares me the most because believers tend to do anything in the name of religion without thinking about it, most of the wars start because of religion and most of the discrimination we see in the world has roots dug deep in religion.

I'm not denying your right to practice your religion but I'm just asking you to keep it for yourself, we should have some tolerance to a different opinion or idea.....we should just live and let live.

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