Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost Free Network Unlock for Alcatel One Touch Fierce from Metropcs

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Again I decided to move carriers going back to AIO Wireless which is called Cricket Wireless at the moment, mainly because the 4G LTE speeds on Metropcs wasn't good enough.

Anyway because I bought the phone from Metropcs I couldn't use it with my Cricket SIM card because it was locked to Metropcs and couldn't be carrier unlocked except after 3 months.

With a fast search on Ebay I found a good yet affordable service to unlock my phone on the following link by fonecare_codes:

I made the purchase and within 24 hours as promised on the listing my Alcatel was unlocked and operating a Cricket SIM card.


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  1. my provider refuse me to provide code for my Metro PCS Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 then i tried this one and it really works, price is normal. my experience was good with them.