Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life without a phone is much more interesting, here's why

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Yesterday I sold my phone since I got an irresistible offer, after using it for 3 months I got an offer to sell it for 3 times the price I paid for it.
As you can expect I said no because I loved my phone lol but that was for only 5 minutes, on a second thought I decided to take advantage of the offer and sell it.
Selling my phone meant that I will be stuck for 4 days at least without a phone until I receive the other one I ordered online and for people who know me that meant I will be in a bad mood for 4 days.
Even my girlfriend used to be jealous of my relationship with my phone.
The first day passed and I discovered that it was one of my most productive days ever. I finally got to write a couple of posts on my blog, I got to continue writing my book (surprise surprise) and I got to go for a walk outside and sit outdoors not worrying about my emails, text messages and whatsapp....believe it or not I was actually solely concerned with the birds and nature around me.
And since I couldn't keep up with my virtual friends I decided to bug the people around (because they were all on their phones) and talk to them like our grandparents used to do.

Also I got to appreciate how amazing it is to be able to hide from all the constant contact from people who can ruin your day with bad news all the time.

As much as I like it the way it is now having no phone with me all the time, I can't seem to hide my excitement for getting my new phone and it's not far fetched if the delivery wasn't on time that there will be someone on the phone who would be dealing with a very very angry customer.

I agree that we need to disconnect every now and then but technology is a very important part of our lives these days....I will prove it for you by using some keywords:
GPS - yes you'd be lost
Yelp - you'll not find that amazing bar you've been looking for
Flipboard - are you telling me you'll buy the newspaper?

Moderation is the key and that's not only with technology but in every aspect of life.

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