Sunday, June 29, 2014

My struggle with phone batteries

I recently bought a Motorola Atrix HD which I thought was a very good phone at least it was when it first came out, the problem I had with the Atrix HD was the battery life that lasted 10 hours on average which put me in so many bad situations.

I considered doing the Razr Maxx battery mod to improve battery life however with the phone being almost new I didn't want to tinker with it so I returned it after trying it for a week.

When I went out to buy a new phone I decided to go with the Motorola Moto G (Motorola phones are the best) after 4 days of using the Moto G I have to say that the battery life is amazing. Today for example after using the phone for 16 hours I still have 30% juice left in my battery which is good but now I have a different problem with finding the right battery recharging schedule.

When I come home from work and I'm ready to sleep I still have 30% or more left on my batter and because I don't wanna plug it in while it has some juice left to try to prolong the battery health (especially with these new built in batteries....damn you apple) I don't plug in and in the morning i'm left with only 25% which is not enough to keep me going the whole day.

I know that battery topping up is not that harmful to Li-ion batteries but this is still controversial and I don't wanna take the risk because I like the phone.

I'm still looking for a phone with a battery that will last more than a day or 2.

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