Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Quit or Not to Quit Your Job?

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Here I am admitting finally that I don't like working, I hate it....and I don't just mean I hate working like other people do. No, it's more than that....I don't ever wanna work I just wanna travel, hangout and live my life free of the capitalistic monetary system.
A couple of days ago I decided to quit my job because I just didn't like it. It was boring, soul-sucking and unbearable. It was just like any other job I worked before.
I was always blaming myself for ruining any job opportunity I have and that kinda got me to feel like a loser or a quitter but not anymore.
I discovered there are a lot of people like me who don't wanna work (not only hippies) but there are millions of people like us, people who get it. They know that they were not created or found in nature (According to your beliefs) just to work all their lives to work boring jobs indoors to save money which will be taken from you the day you receive it to pay off your debts. 
They know that they can't get into that kind of vicious circle of working to live, living to work.
But then again if I don't work then how can I support myself, what about rent? food? transportation? and all the crazy shit we buy although we know we'll never use.
It's a hard equation to solve but if you balance it I'm 100% sure you'll be happy. 

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