Sunday, June 15, 2014

USA - East to West Then Back Again

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It's been 4 months since I set foot in the glorious United states of America, landed first in Dallas, Texas then took a bus heading to Houston, Texas followed by a flight from Houston to Orlando, Florida where I thought I would stay.
After 3 weeks in Florida I decided it's not for me being so spread out with huge distances between everything, lots of space and green but it was empty, it felt kinda boring and slow which didn't fit my personality (keeping in mind I grew up in Cairo with all it's craziness)

I moved to California in March and the first thing I noticed is how dirty California is compared to Florida. One single trip to Downtown Los Angeles and you discover that the name "The city of Angels" is definitely a compliment compared to the true name which I proposed "The city of Homeless" however I liked the spirit and the mess in Los Angeles, it kinda reminded me of Cairo especially areas like MacArthur park where you find food carts in the street selling hot dogs and tamales.

What I noticed next was how the landscape and the climate are different from Florida with California and its mountainous nature you can experience any kind of weather you can think of, climb up to the mountains and it will be freezing cold, drive down to the beach and it will be an awesome summer day which is so different from plain Florida with all its water surfaces and very high humidity.

One thing that took me by surprise everywhere I've been in the US is public transit, If i had to choose I would definitely side with Los Angeles and it's metro system but still you can't compare transportation here in the US with any other country because here it is definitely lacking.
In Egypt public transit is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in abundance but it's so chaotic and messy, China on the other hand was perfect with a public transit system that is just enough (maybe overcrowded sometimes especially in bigger cities) but also it was very organized. Here in the US it's not available and not really organized.

Things didn't work out for me in California so I decided to move back to Florida and try to explore as much as I can, maybe having the space and the nature will help me focus more on what I want to do in life, also I decided that I wanna give Florida the chance after all 3 weeks is never enough.

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