Monday, July 14, 2014

Facebook is Getting Creepier By The Day - Privacy Concerns

facebook privacy concerns
yeah, right.....we believe you
I've been on Facebook for a very very long time, I can't even remember any instance in my life before I had Facebook (you can blame that on age or loss of memory)

But when I found that post from Facebook today on my news feed I couldn't continue trying to fool myself into trusting Facebook, I just couldn't.

During the past few weeks there has been so much talk and controversy about our information that Facebook keeps using without asking our permission.

According to an article on, Facebook's mobile app has weird permissions that allow them access to information like:

  • Your contacts, including modification and adding or changing calendar events. They know who is in your phone and can contact them.
  • Your exact location. They know where you are at any time.
  • Your camera, including taking pictures and videos at any time, as well as recording from the microphone. They can get at anything you’re saying or looking at.
  • Your text messages, your calls, and can call phone numbers. They can see who you’ve contacted recently.
  • Your internal storage, including permission to delete anything. They can see the files on your phone.
  • Full Internet access anytime, changing your wallpaper, opening up over other apps, and downloading files. They can make little tweaks without your knowledge.

Next on the list we have Facebook running psychological experiments on its users without letting them know, well yes I know that these are in the terms and conditions of Facebook but it's not like we have any other choice, true they did apologize afterwards but that doesn't fix the broken trust between Facebook and its massive number of users.

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Facebook is also using your browsing history to customize their ads, while this is not a big deal (since all of the websites you interact with do the same) at the same time Amazon for example doesn't have all my photos and doesn't recognize faces of people who are not even my friends, what I'm saying is that Facebook knows more about us than our best friends do and we are just allowing them to keep collecting data from our computers to know more and more, here's How to Stop Facebook From Using Your Browsing History.

So after knowing that Facebook collects all your private information from your browsing history, runs emotional experiments on you, and even listens to your conversations, your surroundings when you use the mobile app, Do you still trust Facebook? and should we believe them when they say "your answers are private and won't be shared"?

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