Sunday, July 20, 2014

Installing Cyanogenmod 11 on Nook HD - The Comprehensive Full Guide

nook hd CM11 guide install CWM root

I searched online a lot for a full guide to explain how to install CWM, root and install CM11 on the nook HD but all I found was confusing information that doesn't give clear instructions on how to install it.

After some trial and error, also soft bricking my tablet I managed to install CM11 and get it running smoothly on my Barnes and Noble's Nook HD

As always I'm not responsible if you hard brick your tablet or cause any damage to it, this method worked out for me on my Nook HD doesn't work on any other device 
You are fully responsible for any damage you cause
nook hd CM11 guide install CWM root
So here you go the full instructions on how to get CWM and CM11 installed on your Barnes and Noble's Nook HD:

What you'll need for this guide is:
1- A dedicated micro SD card at least 4 GB
2- A memory card reader to be able to plug your micro SD card into your computer

1- Insert the memory card into your memory card reader and plug it into your PC 

2- Right click the memory card drive and format as Fat32 

3- Download and install Win32 Disk Imager 

4- Download the bootable CWM image from here and extract it with winrar

5- Open Win32 Disk Imager and select the drive of your memory card then browse for the image file you extracted in step 4 and click write, now you have a bootable CWM memory card

6- Download the emmc CWM recovery from here but don't extract it, keep it as a zip 

7- Download the latest version of CM11 from this link and don't extract it

8- Download the Gapps for CM11 from this link and don't extract it 

9- Copy the zip files you downloaded from steps 6, 7 and 8 to the root of your micro SD card

10- Safely remove your Micro SD card and insert it into your Nook HD tablet while the tablet is off

11- Turn on your tablet and wait until you get to the CWM menu, use the volume up and down keys to navigate through the menu, power button works as the back key and the home button/N button works to select

12- Go to backup and restore and make sure you backup your stock software in case something goes wrong

13- Go back to the main menu and choose install zip from external SD 

14- Choose the zip file you downloaded in step 6 "cwm-recovery-hummingbird-5"

15- Repeat step 13 and choose the zip file you downloaded in step 7 which is the CM11 zip file

16- Repeat step 13 and choose the zip file you downloaded in step 8 which is the Gapps 

17- Go back to CWM main menu and choose reboot to system 

If you follow these steps exactly your tablet will boot into Kitkat Cyanogenmod 11.
If you require any help comment here and I will give extra instructions


  1. I think your link to the bootable CWM image is bad. Do you have another?

  2. after the process am i able to remove the sdcard from my nookHD

  3. oh yes, once you are done you don't need it anymore

  4. i cant get out of cwm after reboot and yes sd card is out, please help

  5. Whenever I try this, upon rebooting with the SD card removed, I always get the message "Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped." This happens no mater what guide I use. I have tried different CWM images and recoveries, and different versions of CM11. Any idea why, or what I can do about it?