Monday, July 14, 2014

Nook HD Review - One Of The Best Budget Tablets in the Market

nook hd apex launcher budget tablet

It's been some time since I started looking for a decent tablet to use for reading, I already had Amazon's Kindle 4th generation 6" with the E-Ink technology and I loved it but it wasn't enough, I needed a tablet that can do much more than just reading.

I started researching keeping in mind I had a limited budget of $70 and finally I decided and I went ahead and bought a certified pre-owned Nook HD 7" although I could have gotten the Nook HD+ 9" for the same price but since I wanted to use it for reading I preferred to get the lighter smaller version.

The tablet is very decent with it's memory card slot (compared to the nexus 7) the rubberized back provides a good grip and the hardware specs don't fall short in providing a smooth experience let alone the amazing pixel density of the HD LCD screen.

The first issue I had was the laggy home screen provided by Barnes and Noble which was easy to replace with the tablet user interface provided by Apex Launcher.
nook hd apex launcher budget tablet
The second issue I had was finding a free pdf reader that supports text wrapping or text reflow which was solved by installing Qpdf

While the tablet doesn't allow installing of unknown sources (sideloading) I found the Google play store more than enough to provide all the apps I needed, yeah I do miss some of the apps I can't install like instagram for an instance but again it's a tablet designed for reading mainly.

The battery life is good and lasts for at least a day with good heavy usage.

Another annoying thing is the lack of a standard micro USB port so you need to carry the Nook charging cable with you instead of using your standard Android micro USB charger.

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this tablet over many others in the market 

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