Thursday, July 10, 2014

Questions About Zombies - The Walking Dead

I started watching The Walking Dead a couple of days ago (I know I'm late but better late than never) of course this is because it will take forever for the new season of Game of Thrones to come out.


I have to say I got hooked, I'm already at the end of season 2 and that kinda raised a lot of questions Regarding zombies that don't have answers but still annoy me so much

It's understandable that if you get bit then you turn into one but, why would a zombie just bite you and not eat you completely? I would get it if you got bit then you got out alive or not, but that doesn't explain baby zombies, there's no way they only got bit then they ran away or that the zombie decided he had enough of the meal and left the baby.

If it's an infection then why do all the zombie apocalypse movies have the heroes cutting themselves and not getting infected?

What the hell happens to a zombie if he can't find food? would he starve to death?

What happens when saturation happens and there are no more humans, only zombies? would they start eating each other?

Why are there no zombie animals? is it because zombies eat all of the animal because they are delicious? Zombies craving bacon?

Why can't the zombies walk in a normal way? if they are missing a leg or something then ok but normal whole zombies?

Do zombies get cold? how do they feel about rain?

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