Monday, July 14, 2014

Too much thinking?

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I stumbled upon a piece of news or rather a study that showed that men can never stop thinking while women actually have the ability to shut off their brains for sometime.

One thing I know for sure is that it doesn't matter whether this is true or not because as humans we are programmed to think and I guess this is one of the reasons we need to sleep, just so we can stop thinking and not go crazy.

But the piece of news was interesting because maybe it explains why I keep thinking about weird topics that I really don't have any need to think about. I'll give you some examples:

It starts when I was peeing and looking at the water in the toilet bowl I started having questions that led to other questions like:
Why is there water in the toilet bowl?
why doesn't it drain?
what happens to a frog if i flush it down the toilet? oh that's interesting then maybe I can attach a wireless camera to record his adventure down the drainage system
oh wait that means I need a water resistant camera, how much would that cost? keep a mental note to look that up on Amazon.
but wait why a frog? maybe another amphibian that is smaller in size, then I need to research that topic in the library
I'm going to the library? what should I take with me? laptop or tablet? tablet, no wait laptop 
then why do I need to go to the library, I can just stay at home and research it online while having a glass of beer, but what kinda of beer goes well with reading about amphibians that are most suitable to be flushed down the toilet?
Bluemoon? hell that night in the bar was so much fun, bummer i ran out of cigarettes and all the stores were closed.
Why the hell do they close so early? back home everything is open 24 hours but yeah I get it that it's a waste of energy to open 365 days a year but how can we generate so much electricity to supply for all these electronics out there? they must be using..............................................and it goes on and on and on.
Just stupid useless ideas.


  1. Um no...if I may, I disagree with your statement it´s "just" stupid useless ideas haha Actually, I wish more people would expose this way of thinking of theirs. I mean, seemingly unimportant everyday blah things can lead to "how can we generate so much electricity to supply for all these electronics out there?" lol...and then if you would follow this curiosity, who knows, maybe one day you would come up with a completely new idea of how to create sustainable energy, or how to improve the way sustainable energy is produced today, and all that because the toilet water made you wonder why it is there in the bowl. It is only a far fetched example, but I hope you get what I mean. Like, instead of looking into their phones and at their social networks, people should rather wonder about the world and life that is around them. Just my stupid useless opinion here ;)
    May you have a wonder-ful day!

    1. Bea, Thank you so much for the encouraging words
      I do totally agree with you and your opinion is not useless, t's something I got used to: letting my mind wander off with ideas and playing around with them

      Thank you for your comment :)