Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Real Reason Why You Should Quit Smoking

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Today was my 4th day without smoking, of course I tried to quit like a million times before but never was I successful however, this time I can feel how different it is.

The reason why this time is much different than the others is the reason behind letting go of smoking, when I tried quitting in the past I had a different reason ranging from health concerns, being with someone who hates smoking to financial issues but all of these reasons were not enough and I always came back to my friend who never left me (cigarettes)

This time it's different, I decided to quit not because of someone else but because of me, this time I decided to give up on a bad friend, a friend that is trying to kill me in exchange for some stress relief and feelings of momentary high that doesn't last more than 5 minutes.

I'm on a nicotine replacement therapy and I thought that was the main reason I didn't have the craving that we are all familiar with. But this proved to be wrong because at some point I had the patch (Nicoderm) on my arm but it fell off when I was going about my day and I didn't even realize it until after a long time.

Maybe this was a placebo effect orchestrated by my brain but still it proves that I'm addicted more to the habit rather than the substance and by breaking my daily routine and tweaking the way I do things I lost the craving to smoke, this was accomplished by very simple tweaks for example: changing the route I drive to work or waking up and sitting down on a different chair on my porch other than the one I used to sit on while smoking.

Pretty simple but effective, I hope this will continue  

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