Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Transformers: Facebook Edition

facebook transformers friends getting old
Recently I started noticing how the patterns of my Facebook news feed have been changing, it's really interesting to realize you're growing up through Facebook (not that it's needed that much...grey hair is enough) 

I started noticing how profile photos of clubbing, partying, going to the gym, traveling and being cool in general got replaced by wedding photos then photos with babies.

Instead of the random Facebook conversations with my Facebook friends that are full of fun and flirtations I'm getting boring news about how her baby is sick or how her husband doesn't like to eat zucchini ( I have nothing against zucchini)
And then I ask myself: What the hell am I doing with my life? Why am I not married with 3 kids? What the fuck am I spending my money on? Where was I when all my friends decided to take these steps to marrying, growing up and having kids?

Those friends of mine transformed completely into boring, home-staying creatures.
They lost all their fun-loving personalities and lived the lives their parents planned for them 

Then I lighten up and I ask myself instead: What the hell are these people doing? How boring their lives must be? How the hell are they missing out on the best times of their lives not traveling but taking care of a baby? 

And then I realize that I'm not the one with the grey's them.

I realized that this was my choice, I could've taken the exact path and lived the same traditional boring life but I decided instead TO BE AWESOME

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