Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tips for managing your business no matter how small it is

It annoys me so much that small businesses don't usually have proper business management skills.

Working in a small restaurant I find it extremely tiring for me as an employee to do my job due to lack of a proper organizational structure and the lack of a non-flexible job description.

This leads to serious problems between the employees who act each upon his own understanding of the business's best interest which usually conflicts with the business's interest anyway.

I'm not implying that a small business should have its own HR department but setting some roles and rules would definitely make everything easier for everyone.

Having someone in charge leaves no space for blame to innocent employees who did nothing but improvise due to the absence of rules.

So here goes the list of tips:

1- A manager should always be present to manage the team and take decisions

2- A job description should be clear for each individual

3- Rules should be clear and known even for managing a crisis or an unexpected situation

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